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Top Tips for a Successful Skype Interview

You may be an expert on Skyping your family and friends, but have you thought about how you want to come across to a potential employer?

Preparation is the key and here are our top tips to help!

  1. Download Skype well in advance of the interview, switch on your camera and watch yourself
  2. Have a practice call to friends or family and use the ‘Skype test call’ function
  3. Consider the effect of your Skype name – will you come across as professional? Jokey names will not make a great first impression
  4. Set the scene ahead of time. Consider the right lighting and surroundings – a blank or neutral background is best
  5. Make sure all your upper body is visible, not just your face. Hand gestures are important and need to be seen
  6. Make sure you look the part. Dress according to the company and position you have applied for
  7. Don’t forget to smile and make eye contact – look at the camera and not the screen
  8. Speak clearly and convey enthusiasm. Avoid talking over your interviewer (especially if there’s a slight time lag because of the connection)
  9. Make notes and have them in front of you (slightly cheating, but better than looking down at a notepad!)
  10. If you do have any technical glitches, stay calm. Suggest calling back and check your connection is strong enough
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