The PVG Scheme – Disclosure Scotland

PVG scheme (Scotland residents ONLY)

Guide to Completing your Disclosure Application

Important Information:

Stage 1 – Apply

Apply to join the PVG Scheme, or if you are an existing scheme member, apply for a PVG Scheme Record Update.

Please call 0114 263 2155 or email to request an application form. Please state if you are applying for the first time or if you are applying for an update.

Please note we will post the form to the address listed on your Kings Recruit profile so you must notify us of any change.

When you have received your application form in the post please read the notes carefully and apply for your check. Please do so as efficiently as possible and post the form back to:

The Kings Foundation

Osborne House

47 Snaithing Lane


S10 3LF

Note: do not post back to disclosure Scotland as we need to first countersign your application once you have completed your ID check.

Stage 2 – Get an ID check

Applicants must confirm their ID for any disclosure check. We are unable to complete face to face ID checks from our head office and so we use the online Verify service. This involves creating a form online listing 3 accepted ID documents to prove your Identity, (a list of which documents you can us can be found in appendix 1 below)

Once you have completed the form, you’ll then be given 3 access codes and you’ll need to take these, along with your valid documents in person to your ID checker (you can nominate someone from a profession listed in appendix 2 below to approve your ID) Your ID checker will then need to log into the Verify website with your 3 access codes to confirm they have checked your documents and can confirm your ID.

To do this:

Go to  (Please note you should not type this address directly into Google)

Stage 3 – Pay for your Disclosure

Once your ID checker has submitted your verify form and we have received your PVG application form in the post we will complete the Contersignatory details and send the form to Disclsoure Scotland for processing. The PVG certificate will be issued to you directly in the post.

Appendix 1: List of Valid Identity Documents

Three documents must be seen in order to confirm your identity. This must be one document from Group 1 plus two other documents from either Group 1 or Group 2, including one with a confirmation of address.

If you have a valid Passport and/or a valid Driving Licence then you must select these as one and/or two of your three identity documents.

Group 1

Group 2


*documentation should be less than three months old
**issued within past 12 months
At least one document must confirm the applicant’s current address and at least one document must confirm the applicant’s date of birth.

Appendix 2: List of Accepted Professionals

We accept people in the following professions to verify your ID. (Note: this list may be subject to change and may differ to the list you see on veri-fy):